“rises.AI” based solutions

About "rises.AI" - our IP

An open architecture based platform with AI, ML, DL algos ready to deploy for specific needs. Its build on top of various open libraries in Python, R, Scala. It's deployable as on-prem or cloud, depending on data security needs of the enterprise. It works on top of Big Data, NoSQL and flexibility of attaching any Visual Analytics tools via RESTFul APIs.

"transaction AI"

Risk Advanced Analytics, Fraud Detection, Transaction Analytics

  • Solution for clientele in cards & payments, mobile wallet & telecom companies


Advanced analytics techniques are applied to detect fraudulent behaviour.

  • Analysing each transaction with our proprietary algorithms to find a possible fraudulent behaviour.
  • Finding patterns with historical transaction data in real-time
  • Detecting anomalies and exception reporting using predictive analytics


  • State of the art machine learning and statistical techniques
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Neural Networks

Intelligent Trader Assistant

Assist Hedge Funds, Retail traders, Mutual funds and Broking houses in trading and manage portfolio by constructing optimal portfolios


  • Analyze existing portfolio and construct optimal portfolios
  • Analyze post trade data to improve portfolio performance
  • Broking house user trading behavior based data analytics


  • Genetic algorithms
  • Empirical statistical techniques