AI, Blockchain Solutions

AI Solutions

delivered via “rises.AI” platform, cloud as well as on premise

  • Healthcare Solutions – for Chronic & Critical Care, for COVID-19, COPD, TB & Cancer Treatment Response Assessment & Predictions
  • Data Science Services – Custom solutions and model tuning, with expertise in analytics and Maths/Stats
  • Strategic Consulting – With deep insights into AI and Blockchain, helping investors and companies across the world


  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics
  • Solutions for Healthcare, Legal, Banking and Financial Services, with “rises.AI” platform
  • Target Analytics Deployment- Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, and using Microsoft R Open, Anaconda Python, Hadoop, Spark, Storm

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  • Our OriginChain platform based solutions, platform build with with open architecture
  • Expertise in Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology for Supply Chain and Govt related use cases
  • Strategic consulting to carve out use cases for enterprises and participants in the network

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  • Rises Chronic & Critical Care – TRAP (Treatment Response Assessment & Predictions) AI solution – for COVID-19, Cancer, with diagnostic imaging and pathology Big Data.
  • Rises Pandemic Impact Predictive Analytics – A modelling and simulation for decisions support and planning.

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