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Our Story

With deep expertise and industry experience, helping customers with application of complex AI & ML technologies to the problems from various industries e.g. Finance and Healthcare.

Our Approach

Help the enterprises to adopt latest AI & Blockchain technology solutions, leveraging the domain knowledge.


  • Hospitals, medical hardware, software and service providers
  • Healthcare providers & Govt
  • Niche AI provider in USA
  • eGovernance Infra company, subsidiary of financial institute in India
  • Indian 4G telecom

Meet the Team

The highly experienced team is passionate about latest technology and building solutions.


Ashis Khan


Ashis has extensive experience in software industry, based in Bay Area California, visionary technologist in Blockchain, Digitization, IoT & Industry 4.0


Ajit Deshpande


Ajit has more than 24 years of experience in software industry, with finance domain and analytics working on multiple technologies including AI, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, HPC and C++


Narayana Darapaneni, PhD


Narayana has more than 14 years experience in data anlaytics and training. His expertise includes AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & statistical techniques, R, Python and Hadoop

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